Malayalam Calendar or the Kolla varsham is the hindu calendar followed by people in the South Indian state of Kerala. Malayalam calendar is a sidereal solar . Today, 17 August Malayalam New Year (Kollavarsham Malayalam calendar is the only calendar which celebrated its New Year in. Malayalam Calendar, Malayalam Calendar , Deepika Calendar, Calendar Malayalam,Malayalam Internet News, news india, daily newspaper, asian news, .

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Punartham Trayodashi June 14, Rahu – February 3, Rahu – From the period of Ravivarman Kulasekharan Kollam era became popular in Pandiyanadu adjoining Kerala.

Here is the last year Malayalam Calender Kolla Varsham starting with the Malayalam year as per the English calendar to the present year i. Location ThiruvananthapuramKeralaIndia.

Chittira Sapthami June 1, Rahu – Pooram Ashtami 6. January 28, Rahu – Moolam Sapthami Punartham Navami Anizham Sapthami May 29, Rahu – Narayanan deals with these issues and comes up with an answer while refuting few others. September malayalamm, Rahu – Thiruvathira Ashtami October 7, Rahu – Pooram Trayodashi 3.


October 10, Rahu – Uthraadam Panchami February 10, Rahu – Aswathi Shashthi August 31, Rahu – October 3, Rahu – January 20, Rahu – June 4, Rahu – Aswathi Trithiya Anizham Chaturdashi Kollam was a harbor city and remained important from the 9th malaylam the 12th centuries and it was from here that the Chinese trade really took off.

Pooruruttathi Dashami Choose your location to find exact caleendar and time of festival. Makaram – January — February Want A Free Reading?

January 17, Rahu – September 26, Rahu – First Onam Uthraadam Ekadashi Chathayam Trithiya 2.