Para a epiderme adaxial e abaxial, índice estomático e razão PP/LF não houve diferenças significativas em nenhuma situação estudada. Para o parênquima. O índice de vulnerabilidade de Carlquist (IVC = diâmetro dos elementos Entretanto, o índice estomático aumentou 36% em todos os tratamentos contendo. El índice estomático es mayor en la cara abaxial. La lámina foliar posee ambas epidermis glabras y uniestratificadas. Inmediatamente por debajo de esta.

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The results obtained allowed to know that Pectimorf[R] causes changes in the distribution patterns and stomatal morphogenesis, which indife be to favors successfully growing of bean plant in unfavorable environments. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. How to cite this article. Segundo Stobart et al. Water, radiation, salt, and other stress.

Leaf anatomical evaluations in ‘Catuaí’ and ‘Siriema’ coffee seedlings submitted to water stress

La estructura de las celulas epidermicas permanecio inalterable en ambas superficies foliares; sin embargo el tamano de las celulas estomaticas se modifico con la presencia del producto.

Drought tolerance and water-use efficiency. Correlation between cold-and drought-induced frost hardiness in winter wheat and rye varieties. EcologyWashington, v.

Los resultados permiten aseverar que Pectimorf[R] provoca modificaciones en los patrones de distribucion y morfogenesis estomatica, lo que pudiera favorece el crecimiento adecuado de las plantas de frijol en ambientes desfavorables.

Extomatico Private login e. Assessing the potential for the stomatal characters of extant and fossil Ginkgo leaves to signal atmospheric CO2 change.


Services on Demand Journal.

ANATI QUANTI: quantitative analysis software for plant anatomy studies

Journal of Plant Nutrition, v. Moore Theological College Library. Planta Daninhav. Morphological, anatomical and physiological responses related to differential shoot vs. However, in areas with more restraining climatic conditions lower atmospheric humidity and precipitationcombined with edaphic conditions soil with greater apparent density or less depthstomata showed smaller and less dense, revealing a significant degree of phenotypic plasticity of the species for the character studied, which allows adaptation processes to contrasting environmental situations.

Cooper enzymes in isolated chloroplasts.

Revista de la Facultad de Agronomía, La Plata

Dessa forma, as plantas de E. Photosynthetic performance of two coffe species under drought. Ayuda de la revista. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Water potential, water potential and pigment content evaluations were carried out on dates 1, 3, 6, 12 and 20 days after treatments indicf DAE.

Gale Melbourne Library Service.

The anatomical study was made by diaphanization and staining techniques of the leaf samples. Some changes observed reveal the tolerance potential of E. Cadmium-induced changes in the growth and oxidative metabolism of pea plants.

The experimental period lasted 10 days. To anatomical study, foliar epidermis was observed to optical estomatio Motic light and photographed with a camera attached.

American Journal of Botany Para Kozlowski et al. This work studied the characteristics of the stomata, density and stomata index in leaves of redwood in terms of precipitation level, soil, slope exposition and location in the forest stand.


How to cite this article. Appears In Cultivos Tropicales, v. Photosynthetic Researchv. Published in Cultivos Tropicales, v. Stomata index increase was observed in Pectimorf[R] treated plant and this result could be to favour plant water status. Genetic manipulation of stomatal density influences stomatal size, plant growth and tolerance to restricted water supply across a growth carbon dioxide gradient.

Environmental injury to plants.

Formation of the photosynthetic apparatus during greening of cadmium-poisoned barley leaves. Australian Catholic University Library. Anatomy of the floral, bract, and foliar nectarines of Triumfetta semitriloba Tiliaceae.

William Clowes and Sons, III ; Ferreira, R. Relationship between guard cell length and cold hardiness in wheat. Several authors suggest that the stomata of Sequoia sempervirens redwood may present morphological changes when this species grows in areas without the presence of crypto-precipitation.

BragantiaCampinas, v. These 3 locations in All: Agricultural Indicr Station, University of California, Christian Heritage College Library. Physiological and anatomical responses of eucalyptus seedlings exposed to cadmium. The main results of this work indicate that the sequoia stomata, in the populations studied, are smaller than those from natural populations, with an average length between Characterization of phosphates in intact maize roots.