Artist. Song. Rating. Type. Guthrie Govan · Fives Overdriven Guitar, Electric Guitar (clean), Distortion Guitar, Electric Bass (finger). 4. Pro. Fives solo (ver 2). Notice. The biggest part of the lead guitar, I took from the other fives tabs I found in the net. I only made some corections in rhythm, some. Choose and determine which version of Fives chords and tabs by Guthrie Govan you can play. Last updated on

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Japanese Track Demo 1. Blues Mutation Part 1. G Minor 7 Arpeggios Example 4. Metal Rhytm Demo 9.

Pentatonic Key Changes Demo 8. Japanese Track Backing Track 1. Rhode Island Shred – backing track.

Guthrie Govan official tabs for Fives released

There are parts of this piece that repeat, but thematically, the drum parts will change so pretty a lot of the bars will need doing individually with little to no copy and paste, but dont let this put you off.


Ner Ner Richie Kotzen: Eric – backing track. Arctic Roll Guthrie Govan solo. G Major 7 Arpeggios Example 4. Fives Special Package Jamtrackcentral So now you can take a look fivss some of his fivds chromatic fusion licks. African Style Solo Demo 2b. Organ Track Backing Track 2b. How to get into the music industry.

GUTHRIE GOVAN – FIVES – Animated Tab – video dailymotion

G Minor Arpeggios Example 4. Cold Winter Blues – kbps. Emulating Other Instruments Examples 9.

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. I Didn’t Do It.

G Ionian Shapes Example 4. Heart of the City.

Guthrie Govan Fives (ver 3)

Sevens – backing track. Time to Let Her Go. Fives – Live in the Studio. This Morning Woke Me Up. Erotic Cakes – backing track.

Fives – Backing Track. Waves Solo, Beautiful Loop. Scar Symmetry likes this. Pentatonic Scale Positions Backing Track.

Guthrie Govan – Fives – guitar backing track

Ner Ner – backing track. Combining Pentatonic Demo 3. I noticed this last night and bought the bundle. Share This Page Tweet.


There are a number of live footage shots, but this being a jazzy group arrangements and drum patterns are always different. G Major Arpeggios Example 4.

Wonderful Slippery Thing Backing Track. The full speed version looks fake after watching the slow govab, I hate that guy.