FR A720 11K PDF

Kitoma Indonesia – Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK. FR-A Series. FR -AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK. Find great deals for 1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FR-AK or higher, FR-AK or higher. 1)Remove the upper screws. 2) Remove the lower screws. 3)Pull the jumper toward you to remove. 4) Connect.

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Rotation direction indicator FWD: Please forward this Instruction Manual Basic to the end user.

The Instruction Manual Applied is separately available from where you purchased the inverter or your Mitsubishi sales representative. Page 24 Do not connect the power cable to incorrect terminals. Refer to the flow chart below to perform setting. Page – Appendix 5 Compliance with the Radio Wav Mitsubishi Electric offers a 11, suite of automation products. Voltage reduction selection during stall prevention operation Pr. When using the electronic thermal relay function as motor overload protection, set the rated motor current to Pr.

The inverter cannot be reset by entering the RES signal. The following parameter setting values are added for 0V voltage calibration of high speed analog output.

Page Installation of the heatsink portion outside the enclosure for use 3 Installation of the inverter Push the inverter heatsink portion outside the enclosure and fix the enclosure and inverter with upper and lower installation frame. Before operation 3 When offline auto tuning ends, press of the operation panel during PU operation. Within ff eye nut 4-installation hole Cables q720 terminals PG and SD should be connected in with complementary encoder output parallel or be larger in size according to the cable length.


Forced air cooling Approx. Page 49 Connection of stand-alone option units 2 Connection with the MT-HC 75K or higher After making sure the wiring is correct, set the following parameters.

Independently of whether the inverter is running in any operation mode or at a stop, the output current monitor appears by pressing.

China Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-Dk /Fr-Ak – China Mitsubishi Plc Module, Ab Plc

Parameter setting mode Press to choose the parameter setting mode. Before operation 2 Energy saving control Pr. The circuit may also be activated by a surge voltage produced in the power supply system.

Mitsubishi inverter FR-A series Pr.: If the fault does not correspond to any of the following faults or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales representative.

Lit to indicate PU operation mode. Inverter running RUN 1, Common Specifications Common specifications 6. Power saving Another feature of the drives is their ability to save power and reduce running costs in fan and pumping applications. Terminal SD is common to the contact input signals.


1pcs Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-a720-11k 220v-11kw Tested

Installation of the heatsink portion outside the enclosure for use 6. The EMC filter tr invalid when shipped from the factory. Use the life check function as a guidance of parts replacement. Refer to Chapter 4 of the Instruction Manual Applied.

Page 90 – Using the setting dial like a potentiome Plug-in option sscnet iii communication function 86 pages. Changing The Control Logic Wiring 2. Before Operation Before operation 3. Description This function is available only when Pr. Do not connect the power cable to incorrect terminals.


Wiring Of Control Circuit Wiring 2. Operation mode change Press to choose the PU operation mode. Without this operation, next operation cannot be started. Page 51 – Connection of power regeneration convert Lihat Peta Lebih Besar. This manual also for: PM sensorless vector control specification Item Specification Sensorless vector control Control method Low-speed range: When either is ON, the operation mode cannot be signal changed.

The motor speed becomes constant when the motor output torque and load torque are balanced.