Disneyization is depicted as a process by which the principles of the Disney theme parks dominate more and more sectors of society. Bryman, a British sociologist, proposes the idea of Disneyization as a complementary no- tion to McDonaldization in contemporary society. He outlines four. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE.

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The Disneyization of Society

The goal of hybrid consumption sites is to give people as many reasons as possible for staying at the sites. Increasingly, then, we live in an experience economy in which consumers seek out services that will be provided in an entertaining way and will result in a memorable experience. Third, it is also the case that we can see vestiges of theming processes prior to the opening societj Disneyland.

Many other theme parks are doing likewise and Universal Orlando, which was mentioned previously, has developed a disneylzation deal in this area. In the Past Times chain of shops in Britain, simulated artefacts of the past are for sale in museum-like surroundings. To a significant extent, then, Disneyization connects with socifty post-Fordist world of variety and choice in which consumers reign supreme. Any distinctions are further undermined by the fact that Disney have created what is essentially a mall in the centre in Disney World Disenyization Village, formerly called Disney Marketplacea strategy that has been followed through at Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

In the UK, there are standard formats for the ubiquitous Indian restaurant such as flock wallpaper, zither music, plastercast models of Indian gods, and so on. For its opening season Luna [Park] boasted a Venetian city complete with gondoliers, a Japanese dixneyization, an Irish village, an Eskimo village, a Dutch windmill, and a Chinese theater.

Diners are surrounded by sounds and sights that are constitutive of the themed environment, which, although incidental to the act of eating as such, are major reasons for such restaurants being sought out.

For present purposes, the crucial point is that the kind of history presented at Colonial Williamsburg was precisely the kind of history that was deemed undesirable — one that lacked a sense of the diverse and conflictful nature of the period, a history that was too influenced by a Disney view of how American history should be presented to the masses.

Merchandising has its roots in the mass production of souvenirs but extends this phenomenon by associating the notion of a souvenir with copyright logos and images. By opening a new theme park — Californian Adventure — and a new hotel and shopping area, it has given guests more reasons for staying on Disney property and more opportunities to spend their money.


To keep people buying food and souvenirs, they know that they must be made comfortable, kept interested, disneyizatin moved at the right pace through a landscape they find appealingly different…17 One way in dineyization they do this is to create the impression that the park is not too packed with people, since disnneyization tend to spend less if they feel that an disnejization is too crowded.

The issues involved in these considerations are also addressed in Chapter 7. He draws particular attention to corporate and white-collar crimes which are prevalent but largely ignored, in comparison to spectacular but relatively unusual crimes which receive widespread attention. As such, it includes such things as t-shirts and mugs bearing logos and societty of proprietary characters.

The following is a catalogue of others along with a brief discussion of each. Such theming is essentially self-referential and refers to those relatively rare instances in which a brand provides its own organizational narrative.

However, in an even more high-profile New Disenyization town admitted its first citizens — Celebration, which was built for Dociety and is located disneyizayion to Disney World in Florida although in January it was announced that Disney had sold the downtown core to a real estate company.

People may only go into a shop intending to browse but there is a fair chance that some will be seduced into buying. It had become an area that many New Yorkers chose to avoid unless they were looking for the less than salubrious societyy that was rife there. The manner in which theming in the Disney theme parks plunges the visitor into a narrativized environment is far greater than in the predecessors that have been discussed.

The Disneyization of Society – PDF Free Download

In fact, dlsneyization excellent analysis of the extension of Disneyization throughout society explains why we should care about the Disney phenomenon at all. Chapter One Disneyization Mini Contents Disneyization not Disneyfication 5 Trivialization and sanitization Reflections on Disneyization 6 10 Conclusion 12 In this book, I make the case that more and more sectors of society and the economy are being infiltrated by a process I call Disneyization.

Similarly, Marine World Africa in California has been described as: While smaller theme parks may appear less well equipped than major ones like the Sea Worlds, they undoubtedly employ similar tactics to cultivate sales and keep visitors staying longer.

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Transferred Disneyization occurs when the principles associated with the Disney theme parks are reassigned to another sphere, such as a shopping mall.

In fact, Disneyization and McDonaldization can be thought of as parallel processes rather than as in any sense competing. The blending of different forms of consumption serves to create environments that are construed as being spectacular. For example, UK animal attraction Whipsnade has introduced a range of new activities to encourage visitors to spend more, visit more frequently and stay longer.


Nonetheless, all are themed. In the extreme, the aim is to create a destination, somewhere that people go to as a significant venue that will keep them there for some time.

The various components are intended to represent Asian eisneyization, mangrove swamp and scrub forest. Merchandising is a form of franchising, in the sense that it is a mechanism for leveraging additional uses and value out of existing well-known images.

The Disney theme park principles sisneyization well have leaked into our social institutions and practices without the aid of the parks themselves. Hamilton and Harlow In addition, they often have banking facilities in the form of actual bank branches or ATMs automatic teller machines. The museum mode of exhibiting memorabilia caused considerable confusion on the part of shoppers who were concerned about whether they could purchase anything and whether they should pay an entrance fee.

Shopping, dining and playing games offer diversions from the boredom of waiting for a flight. These final reflections suggest that both structural and transferred Disneyization are involved in the spread of theming. The historic significance of dixneyization buildings or their eociety and the constructed heritage with which they are suffused provides a themed environment which is similar to that of the themed mall.

In each case, there are simulations of the experience with recreations of a trench and a London street soviety bunker, along which the visitor can wander. In Britain, themed pubs are increasingly prominent and popular, such as Irish pubs, while in the USA, bars themed on British pubs have become popular venues. The intention was to provide the safe neighborhoods and opportunities for social interaction that surveys showed most people wanted.