Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation) This resulted in the poem being named “Qasidah Burdah” (The Poem of the. 21 تموز (يوليو) English translation of lyrics for Burdah by Mesut Kurtis. مولاي صلّ وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم مولاي صلي وسلم دائما أبدآ على حبيبك. 22 آذار (مارس) On the Martial Struggle of the Prophet (SAW) (English Translation courtesy of – The Burdah (The Singable Translation) by Mostafa Azzam) رَاعَتْ.

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They all obtained from Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam The sins of a life passed in poetry and serving other 3.

And of both groups, Arabs and non Arabs. Until the order from God came down to him, the command: You passed the seven heavens with them.

I seek forgiveness from Allah from such sayings preachings which I do practice upon. I command you to do good but I do not command myself to do the same. Who is involved in rupee devaluation? Of his beginning and his end. And verily he is the best of all the creation of Allah. The jewel of excellence in him is indivisible.


From all eyes, and secrets well concealed. And love transforms pleasure into pain.

And you continued ascending until you attained a position. A says that his life was wasted in sin and disobedience; he regrets his misdeeds and turns towards Allah Taaala seeking forgiveness and repentance.

The trees answered his call, prostrating. This poem is one of the noblest poetical productions of the seventh century after Islam. For verily excellence of the Messenger of Allah has no limits And you would never see a friend not assisted.

As the full moon travels trough intense darkness. He also mentions that his entire life has been spent in sin.

It cools the eye of its reciter, translatikn I said to him Later, going to Cairo, he studied language and literature in addition to Islamic sciences. He uses this poem as a Waseela through Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam to gain acceptance in the court of Allah.

Burdah Chapter 8 – The Qasida Collective

Completely clad with weapons they translaion characteristic marks to distinguish them. In his dream he saw in his dream the Prophet Muhammad asked Busiri to read the ode the poet wrote for him.

And the fire of the Persians took a cool breath subsided and died outout of regret. The poet, according to his own account, happened to be affected seriously with paralysis which deprived one-half of his body of its vital powers and motions. Sajjad ul Aziz Qadri. Like how Hadhrat Yunus Alayis Salaam when he made tasbih of Allah was thrown out from the stomach of the swallowing fish. The book contains one of the noblest poems in the Arabic literature of the Post-Islamic time and one that gives a very faithful picture of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.


Imam Al-Busiri’s Qasida Al-Burda (Full English Translation)

Like how the army of Kisra was scattered never to be untied burdaj. Through the barakat and blessing of Sayyidina, Rasuluallah Sallallhu Alayhi Wasallam Allah Taalaa granted him complete cure from his paralysis. So you would think every brave man to be a flower in the bud. The mouth rejects the sweet taste of water due to sickness.