Khadijah was born around in Mecca. Her father, Khuwaylid bin Asad, was a popular leader in the tribe of Quraysh and a successful. Khadijah, may Allah be pleased with her, came from a noble family. Two more sons, called Tayyib and Tahir, were also born, but they too died in their infancy. Khadijah al-Kubra daughter of Khuwaylid ibn (son of) Asad ibn Abdul-`Uzza ibn According to a number of sources, Khadijah was born in A.D. and died .. (ع) daughter of Muhammad (ص), Maryam bint `Umran (Mary daughter of Amram), .

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Qusayy, then, is the ancestor of all clans belonging to Quraish. In due course ‘Afif accepted Islam, but he always regretted the fact that he had not joined the Muhammad khuwzylid and blessings be upon him and his Companions in their prayers and supplication on that memorable day in Mina, when he had first heard of Islam.

This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. After three years of constant struggle, a relative of his, called Khawla, went to him and pointed out that his house was sadly neglected and that his daughters needed a mother to look after them. Khadijah was born in Makkah in the year CE. His eyes were said to have been black, but other accounts say they were brown, khadijha light brown.

Her grave was prepared at a place called Hujjun, near Makkah. Khadijah’s father, who died around A. And there was a light on his face, a glow, the same light that had shone from his father, but it was more, much more powerful, and it was especially apparent on his broad forehead and in his eyes which were remarkably luminous.

Important Figures: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabirpp. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. In the years that followed, difficult years in which the leaders of the Quraish did everything in their power to stop the Prophet spreading his message, Khadijah may Allah be pleased with her was a constant source of help and comfort to Muhammad peace be upon him in the difficulties which he had to face.

Muhammad was monogamously married to her for 25 years. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: Tradition has it that Maysarah also saw two angels bearing a cloud over Prophet’s head to protect him from the glare and heat of the sun.


During this boycott, the Muslims suffered tremendously often spending days without food. After the Hijrah migration of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him to Al-Madinah, the house was occupied by the brother of ‘Ali. At the time of the marriage Muhammad was 25 years old and Khadeeja was 40 years old. Khadijah was the first female and person to become a follower of Muhammad. He felt feverish, so he asked to be wrapped and, once he felt better, he narrated what he had seen and heard to his faithful and supportive wife.

Scholars calculate her date of birth as somewhere between C. State University of New York Press.

Do you know who the woman is? However, while the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him was now khadiijah years old, Aisha as only a little girl of seven. By the time Khadijah got married, she was quite a wealthy lady, so wealthy that she felt no need to kkhuwaylid trading and increasing her wealth; instead, she decided to retire and enjoy a comfortable life with her husband who, on his part, preferred an ascetic life to that of money making.

Zainab, Ruqayya, and Ummu Kulthoom. Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him had announced that he was a Messenger of Allah and had started preaching a new religion called Islam.

They were married for 25 years, during which the Prophet was monogamous. When Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him saw her in the throes of death he consoled her saying Allah had so ordained it, and that binh thing she was dreading, would prove favorable for her.

The Life of Muhammad. Having come to know khuwaylis such condemnation, he became furious and said to his sons, “There shall be no kinship between you and me unless you part with these daughters of Muhammed,” whereupon they divorced them instantly.

Khadijah – New World Encyclopedia

Then he loosened his hold and asked him to read; Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him answered that he was illiterate. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him never stopped loving Khadijah, and although he married several more wives in later years and loved them all, it is clear that Khadijah always had a special place in his heart.

He had a noble breadth of forehead and the ovals of his large eyes were wide, with exceptionally long lashes and extensive brows, slightly arched but not joined. The slain emperor left two daughters who, during their attempt to escape, following the murder of their father, were caught and sold as slaves.


Khadijah Mother of the Believers.

Muhammad had earlier worked for Khadijah. These Muslims are reminded that the Prophet married only one single virgin wife: For almost four hundred years, not many people among the Christians had even heard of the Trinity. His Life Based on the Earliest Sources. He returned from Syria after having made a large profit for Khadijah. This scholar reportedly had translated the Bible from Hebrew into Arabic. They all migrated to Al-Madinah, with the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

KHADIJA bint Khuwaylid

All her wealth was spent in the way of Allah, helping to spread the message of her husband, helping to free slaves who had embraced Islam, and helping to feed and shelter ohuwaylid community of Muslims that slowly but surely began to grow in numbers and strength.

Yet the firm followers of Muhammad did not turn away from their true religion and they came out of the ordeal stronger and purer than before. Prophet Sulayman Solomon married a widow, too, and so did many other prophets and messengers of Allah. Shahr Banu, which means “mistress of the ladies of the city.

This displeased him, but forbearing as he was, he just sighed and answered.

Ruqayya then married Uthman ibn Affanwho later became the third caliph and she migrated with him to the city of Axum biograpyh Ethiopiawhen Muslims were being persecuted in Mecca. Encyclopedia biint Islam, Second Edition. The glorious sun she saw descending into her courtyard indicated that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him whose advent had been predicted in the Torah and the Injil was to grace her home and she would gain from his presence in her life.

Khadija was 25 or 28 when she was married to Prophet Mohammed. She chose Muhammad ibn Abdullah for the trade in Syria. In the Name of your Lord and Cherisher who created everything. Say to your azwaj Arabic: He was seen once by Nestor the monk sitting in the shade of a tree as caravans entered the outskirts of Busra, not far from the monk’s small monastery.