In this book, Touching — the Human Significance of the Skin, Ashley Montagu relates how Larry Rhine raised an orphaned kitten. Everyone knows that kittens. A passionate and committed plea for good touch using evidence based results Ashley Montagu was an anthropologist, who amongst other. TOUCHING THE HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SKIN SECOND EDITION. by ASHLEY MONTAGU Copyrightowner ASHLEY MONTAGU.

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Montagu reasoned that “subjecting a baby to immersion, alternately, in hot and cold baths” would also be efficacious in getting a baby to begin breathing.

It would be diffi cult to attribute such differences to the absence or inadequacy of montaagu single factor in the development of these cesarean children, but, as we shall see, it is quite probable that inadequate cutane ous stimulation during the perinatal period, that is, the period shortly before and shortly after birth, may have been ,ontagu of the factors involved. Jennifer rated it liked it Jan 05, The basic importance of labor in the preparation of the infant for postnatal functioning is thus strik ingly confirmed.

The continuous stimulation of the skin by the external envi ronment serves to maintain both sensory and motor tonus.

Everyone in my family gets a massage at least once a week because of this book. Horizontal connecting fibers across the central fissure connect both gyri. Harlow and his co-workers comment upon the “extremely powerful social response observed throughout the monkey kingdom,” namely, that of grooming. In tragedy just the reverse. This intensification of cutaneous stimulations is especially necessary in the human fetus because, contrary to general be lief, the period of gestation is not completed when the baby is born.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The decrease in weight these workers observed may, as they toucing, be due to the increased litter size. In that exception, I reasoned, montag probably also lay an interesting story, as, indeed, we shall later see. The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment, the youching would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm.

Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin

There were innumerable unanswered questions, principally involving the mechanism, the physiology, by which handling or gentling could produce such significant differences in organismal and behavioral responses as Hammett had re corded. When we speak of someone as removed from reality, we say that he is “out of touch with reality,” and when we describe the contemporary unrelatedness of people to each other, we speak of them as “disengaged,” “out of touch,” and not wishing to be “touched.


Part of me feels this should be sent home with every new parent, but the rest of me realizes that not many of them would actually read it.

The evidence indicated that the genitourinary system espe cially simply would not function in the absence of cutaneous stimulation.

Childbirth was a natural occurrence that among native American women was ashlej done in a field which they were hoeing, perhaps, and they would pick up the baby, place it on their backs in a pouch, and continue hoeing.

This is most strikingly seen in the increase in size of the human fetal brain, which by the time of birth has acquired a volume of between and cubic centimeters.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin

It is now well established that in a large proportion of cases of atropic dermatitis there is associated with a strong but inhibited desire to weep. But it is not an organ as such that I am here concerned with the skin; rather, in contrast to the psychosomatic or centrifugal approach, I ashoey interested in what may be called the somatopsychic or centripetal approach.

Jul 20, Sharen rated it it was amazing. The implications for human mothers must arise in any right-thinking human being, especially in this world of sterilized nurseries which shield newborns from their mothers and vice-versa.

In attempting to follow up this observation I regret to say I could obtain no further information of any kind on the subject, but, like the zoologist friend of Mr. In comedy such vertical gestures are or tend to be manic, in tragedy horizontal gestures tend to suggest sympathy, embrace.

Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin – Ashley Montagu – Google Books

On pages 86 and 87 Montagu relays the story about Frederick the Great who wished to discover what language a child would speak naturally if it were not taught its native tongue. It struggled to force its body through that little hole. But the disease also was common in the best homes while being rare in poor homes lacking hygienic conditions.

We have many words in our language which are based on cutaneous stimulation. Thus, the experiment was designed as a test of the relative im portance of the variables of contact comfort and nursing com fort. The study had to be abandoned once the nurses realised that the touched babies were gaining weight more quickly, thriving, and making up in development, whilst the babies with the absolute minimal touch were more fragile, and taking much longer to reach the desired weight and development.

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My own fate was not very different from his, because my mother died soon after my birth and I never knew her Many of my shortcomings are due to the fact that I had no mother, and that my good father had no time to bother much about me.

What caused him to become interested in this approach was a study on rats who had their thyroid and parathyroid glands removed. It seemed likely that the licking mammalian mothers give their newborn, and which they continue for dura ble periods thereafter, probably serves a basic series of func tions, since it is universal among mammals with the exception of man.

Indeed, the more we learn about the effects of cu taneous stimulation, the more pervasively significant for healthy development do we find it to be.

What prompted me to do a review of this book was an email I received recently which showed beautiful images of butterflies and each photo had a portion of a story which went along with it 1. A plexus of free nerve endings distributed among the epidermal cells of each hair follicle renders tactile stimula tion through mechanical displacement of the hair a very impor tant mechanism in producing tactile sensations.

Return to Touchijg Page. This insurance in the human species is secured by the prolonged contractions of the uterus upon the body of the fetus.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin | Lady Fancifull

At birth the skin is called upon to make many new adaptive responses to an environment even more complex than that to which it was exposed in the womb. With respect to the constipation problem in hand-reared new born mammals the following may be of some interest: Every word is loaded. Another benefit to the mother comes from allowing the baby in the first twenty-four hours after birth to lie by her side. Most of us take our skin entirely for granted, except when it burns and peels, or breaks out in pimples, or perspires unpleasantly.