(Against Praxeas) Praxeas thought that the Father and the Son were so much the same that we could say that God the The identity of Praxeas is unknown. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Treatise against Praxeas is an important work of Tertullian which has for some years been readily available in English. : Against Praxeas (): Tertullian: Books.

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Bemerkungen zu Tertulliaris Apologeticum Lund,p.

Moreover, you who say that the Father and the Son are the same, argue that the agaibst both brought forth and proceeded from Himself. Now, observe, my assertion is that the Father is one, and the Son one, and the Spirit one, and that They are distinct from Each Other.

Introduction, by the American Editor. O Lord, how are they increased that trouble me!

Tertullian : Adversus Praxean

Behold my Son, whom I have chosen; agaisnt beloved, in whom I am well pleased: For there had to be kites, and heretics, 3 and the Father had to be crucified. Meantime, He has sent the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, for the full revelation of the Christian mystery.

Theirs Doomed to Perdition. For what man knows the things which be in Godbut the Spirit which is in Him? Learn then, together with Nicodemusthat that which is born in the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.

Then He says at last: God will glorify Him in Himself,” that is, the Father, the Son whom He “having Him in Himself,” though He has been sent forth to earth, will later glorify by resurrection, after the defeat of death. It is one thing to have, another to be.

But, this doctrine of yours bears a likeness to the Jewish faithof which this is the substance — so to believe in One God as to refuse to reckon the Son besides Him, and after the Son the Spirit. Return to the Tertullian Home Page. He was subjected, are of necessity two. S 6 strengthened,” because when “wisdom stood by ” cf.

One who was, and another with whom He was. Thus, to be forsaken by the Father was to the Son death. For He it was who at all times came down to hold converse with men, from Adam on to the patriarchs and the prophetsin vision, in dream, in mirror, in dark saying; ever from the beginning laying the foundation of the course of His dispensationswhich He meant to follow out to the very last. Away with Matthew; away with Luke! See Elucidation III in the online translation for some more details.


Canon Box and S. It is therefore by His mighty works, and by the words of His doctrine, that the Father who dwells in the Son makes Himself visible — even by those words and works whereby He abides in Him, and also by Him in whom He abides; the special properties of Both the Persons being apparent from this very circumstance, that He says, I am in the Fatherand the Father is in me.

The Creator the Father of Mercies. For by converting Christ into the Father you blaspheme against the Father with that curse upon one crucified 1 which by the Law accrues to the Son, because it was Christ, not the Father, who was made a curse for us. We know thee who thou art, the Son of God.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Therefore if also the divine monarchy is administered by the agency of so many legions and hosts of angels as it is written, Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him and thousand thousands ministered unto him1 yet has not therefore ceased to belong to one, so as to cease to be a monarchy because it has for its provincial governors so many thousand authorities, how should God be thought, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit occupying second and third place, while they are to such a degree conjoint of the Father’s substance, to experience a division and a dispersion such as he does not experience in the plurality of all those angels, alien as they are from the Father’s substance?

The Exclamation of the Woman in the Crowd. Israel,” because the lot of that race fell 4 especially xv. By saying then that Christ – that is, the anointed – died, he makes it clear that that which was anointed died, that is, the flesh.

Against Praxeas

If you are the Son of Godcast yourself down from hence; for it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning you — referring no doubtto the Father — and in their hands they shall bear you up, that you hurt not your foot against a stone. Thus out of both things there is neither: The Word is Godand the Word of the Lord remains for ever, — even by holding on unchangeably in His own proper form.


John x Himself the Son of God, lest they should believe 33 Him God, recollect that He is included with them in these words: I nee in prohibitive clause70 n.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Beside me there is none else, except my Son.

And those who contend that Father and Son are one and the same, presently begin to separate them rather than to unite them. The Roman Monopoly of Gods Unsatisfactory.

I am comehe says, in my Father’s name. Ours Destined to Salvation. For God is rational, and reason is primarily in him and thus from him are all things: Nay, I answer, this is spoken concerning prxxeas Spirit of God. What God created, God Himself also maintains.

Being Ashamed of Christ. Some say that even Genesis in the Hebrew begins thus: Praxes is how these maintain the monarchy, who retain neither the Father nor the Son. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

CHURCH FATHERS: Against Praxeas (Tertullian)

And this Christianity seems to have been more Latin than Greek. This, however, was still wanting to them, that they should also be openly knownand kept permanently in their proper forms and substances. Father, save me from this hour? For besides, He would not give the order, if He Himself were to act while giving it, that it should be done by him to whom He then gave the order ; He would either have given the com- mand 1 to Himself, if He were One only; or He would have done it without command, because He would not have waited to give the command to Himself.

This was in the apostle’s mind when he wrote, If the Father spared not his Son.