General Tech Info – All Z Car Years – Factory Service Manuals (FSM) – Downloads S (ZX): com/ Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Nissan ZX Workshop Nissan ZX Workshop Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Datsum Z. Since proper maintenamce and service are absolutely essential in satisfying the Datsum owners, this manual should be kept in a handy .

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You currently have 0 posts. The problem is still there. Buy fusible link parts at Banzai. Fwm have read all kinds of posts from a dozen or more websites.

Factory Service Manuals

After using the 83 tests, I believe my AFM is bad. Fuel pressure numbers checked out and considered good. Posted January 15, User Tag List Page fsk of 2 1 2. I haven’t added a to my collection yet, but I’ll be looking next year when I have some of the others completed.

Hoses look new and feel supple. I dont know much about it on the turbo.

I work full time and the wife, the house, I just dont have the time to work on it as much as I like, so I paid for time and parts in the shop. Try wiggling them as you drive.

zx – The Classic Zcar Club

I did wiggle the ECU plugs while it was sputtering and noticed no change. That sounds 208zx a fuel pump issue to me. If memory serves correct, its called a dead spot in the AFM.


When the current through the link exceeds a threshold, the heat produced melts the wire to prevent too much current from damaging down stream devices. Haywire fusible link and fuse supplier. I went for help to an elder at a Z car shop. Hey, if you have an 82t you could help me out big time.

Sign In Sign Up. Contact Us Advertise Nissan: 280z labels on the side of the 76 FSM say: Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Nissan: Now it may not seem like it on the top side of the A-arm, but check it out: I had a different shop flat out tell me they dont like to work on turbos.

Everybod here is missing the fact he used the wrong FSM to test the AFM, but both he had in the car tested bad, and the place he will never go back to suggested AFM as well. I had a spare TPS from awhich I just used as a tester, but removed it. Not pretty but here is the final product.

Datsun 240Z Sport 1971 FSM Supplement

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have read on another thread here, can’t find it, of similar problems as you are describing. Try driving without the knock and o2 sensor? I may as well do whatever the supplement says to test it.


Page 1 of 2. You are commenting using your WordPress. Turning it untill it was in the off position where there is no reading. 280zc will look into that. Notify me of new comments via email. He seemed really knowledgeable and even let me look at a couple of cars he was restoring. I had not touched the knock sensor.

S Factory Service manuals – ZX USDM

You may have to slide the washer fluid tank up and out of the way to see it. What was that definition about trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result?

Any suggestions for replacing or repairing ECU connectors?

I thought that the turbo supplement for 81 was all there was. Back inI purchased new z shocks! I have not verified. You provide a real service. Email required Address never made public. Could you take a look at the AFM and give me your best description of where the two end of that ground 280zz go?