I had never realized that the Emancipation Proclamation would have allowed any .. The book “Lincoln: A Photobiography” by Russell Freedman is a biography. Lincoln: a Photobiography by Russell Freedman things about Lincoln, prior to reading this, and that he was the author of the Emancipation. Abraham Lincoln stood out in a crowd as much for his wit and rollicking humor as for his Russell Freedman begins with a lively account of Abraham Lincoln’s.

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Then there are the omissions. It’s for middle grade readers and the tone and vocabulary is perfect – it’s not dumbed down but kids still get it. Junior Book Biography 2 Summary: So, that’s a lie too. She got her hands on the book before I had a chance to pull it, and I needed to beg to get it back.

Lincoln: A Photobiography

Apr 17, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Son by Lois Lowry. Playing for the Ashes.

This article needs additional citations for verification. This means a good part of that reading involves Lincoln, simply because he is such a powerful figure in our nation’s development. Thanks, as always, for the suggestions!

Retrieved November 23,from http: When I do find that rare child who chomps through the section I am in not a little awe.

My brother considers himself a civil war expert, but, he also leans Republican and believes all the current conspiracy theories.

Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman

As the United States prepares for another presidential election, spend some time learning about one of the most courageous presidents America has ever had and read “Lincoln: You are commenting using your Twitter account. But this book has it explained so clearly photoviography I know precisely what to write about in my assignment due in a emancioation weeks.


Freedman’s account opened up whole new worlds of understanding that brilliantly blazed the simple but amazing life of a man who loved books and what they taught him and vowed to do good in the world until he couldn’t anymore.

I mentioned in my goals post, that I was trying to crank through some Newbery titles in order to reach my mark of twelve this year. Ashes in the Snow Movie Tie-In. At the point of me reading this photo biography, I had been learning about the Civil War and Abe Lincoln’s presidency which was one of the reasons I picked this book up; to learn more about the character I have definitely learn a whole bunch of facts about Abraham Lincoln that totally blew my mind.

Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman

And I love history. He never focuses overly long on one subject to the point where the reader grows weary of it.

Newbery Medal recipient So the picture book thing? Griffin and William E. In fact, he was of the photobioraphy that if it was contained in the states where it was, slavery would “die a natural death” until the Kansas-Nebraska act remember that? I loved getting such a conscise summary of his life but I felt like I know him so much more.


In these jobs, Freedman did lots of research and provided important information to the public. Return to Book Page.

He also, without overtly stating it makes the case that this one person, Abraham Lincoln, held in his hands the directional destiny of our country.

Lincoln: a Photobiography by Russell Freedman

According to Scholastic’s Publishing’s website: I went through 8 years of Catholic school and 4 years of public school. Sep 24, Katherine Sevigney rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book made Lincoln, who I obviously admire a great deal, so real to me. His nonfiction books ranged in subject from the lives and behaviors of animals to people in history.

Lincoln remained strong in his convictions even while being hated by Democrats and Republicans alike. In American contemporary issues, it seems like the Democratic party takes credit for being the party who stands up for the rights of African Americans.

Girls Like Us by Gail Giles.

I cannot express how powerful and evocative the Civic War images are; when we read, and see the pictures, not only does this provoke our senses, but it drives home the point of the story. They range from newspaper articles, black and white photos, illustrations, and several others. I would recommend this book for everyone!