PDF | On Jan 1, , D. Sandu and others published Dezvoltare comunitară și regională. Authors and Editors. Dumitru Sandu at University of Bucharest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara.

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Starting from the same data we comuintara for this study, there was formulated the hypothesis of the existence of four socioterritorial types: The purpose of this section is to design and test a version of the human development index HDI and to use it for monitoring the development of Romania over a set period of time.

Cinci pasi spre diaspora.

The second hypothesis, about similarities between Romanian youth and youth from Latvia and Slovakia, is consistent with the findings. These are examples of questions that are fully addressed by the presentation. Higher mobility transnationalism is associated with living in areas of sandi territorial densities and higher regional development in poor economic conditions.

Local human development index LHDI for all the communes and cities of Romania, andavailable here. In this study, we compare labor force outcomes of the two largest immigrant communities in Spain Moroccans and Romanians before the economic crisis hit. The Romanian version of the Atlas is available at: A theoretical model of social reproduction processes in spatial setting is worked out in order to cope with a lot of empirical data and to reveal their social significance.

The indicators of the urbanization social composition are highly correlated “with a great diversity of indicators of individual or family-based social phenomena.

Men, the young, and those in cities are more likely to support marketization and democratization in large part because they tend to be less averse to risk. Valorile IDSL in format xls sunt disponibile aici. Increderea ca resursa a tranzitiei postcomuniste IImore.


Migratia fortei de munca din agricultura, more.

Dumitru Sandu (Author of Spatiul Social Al Tranzitiei)

It is based on survey and official data A tentative explanation of the low participation in the family referendum from Octoberin Romania, by the spiral of silence theory. Poverty and developmentCommunity povertyand Romanian villages.

Studiul este elaborat pe baza datelor din sondajul “atlasul social al Romaniei”realizat pe un esantion reprezentativ la nivel national, de persoane, in cadrul Centrului de Sociologie Urbana si Regionala, in septembrie Implications of the results for political system and public policy decision are discussed. The article is targeted to an understanding of transnational fields of Romanian migration from the point of view destination selection as measured by migration selectivity at different levels.

The probability of a youth of belonging to one of the six categories is determined by a multinomial nested regression model. Romanian Studies and Mining sector reform. Extras din fisierul de date tip sav realizat in cadrul cercetarii pentru Banca Mondiala-Agentia Nationala pentru Romi, in The answer is provided by considering the multiple relations between the opinion on the perceived directions of change in Romania, on the one hand, and a large Why lifestyle motivation is of high intensity for some segments of the Romanian youth?

Impli-cations for migration and regional development policies are derived from the analysis. The role of regional migration experience in youth mobility is tested by adding NUTS3 data to the micro-data, in a multilevel approach.

Baze de date/ Data Basis

Two other chapters are devoted to fundamental frames of transition and reform in post-communist Romania: The interview was focused on the administrative decentralisation by structuring an intermediate regional level between central government and county administration. Similarly, district-level out-migration behavior is directly determined by the political profile of the local area. Democratic social reform is understood as a voluntary change “unleashed by the plans of the elite and implemented by means cojunitara interaction between the elite and the masses, on the basis of some mechanisms of persuasion, contagion …”.


Why so many Romanians thinking that their country goes in a wrong direction? Materialul poate fi descarcat aici. Recensamantul comunitar al migratiei RCM In toamna anuluisub coordonarea Organizatiei Internationale pentru Migratie OIMa fost efectuata o cercetare ampla asupra migratiei temporare a romanilor in strainatate. Risk aversion is an especially important mediating variable.

Social Movments and Anti-plagiarism as social movment. Results from the total and disaggregated rural and urban models are interpreted through a reform values and characteristics typology of migrants.

If so, what is the relevance of such worlds by sociocultural macroregions of the EU? Tipuri sociale ale tranzitiei in Romania. Sociologie, 32, 1, Romanian StudiesLife Satisfactionand Subjective quality of life. Ruralismul ca ideologie si mod de viata more. The interview was focused on the administrative decentralisation by structuring an intermediate regional level Avatarurile nemultumirii sociale in Romania anilormore.

Sociologul Dumitru Sandu: “Politicienii judecă Strada ca şi cum ar fi cea de acum 10-20 de ani”

Life SatisfactionSubjective quality of lifeand Social Romania. The Romanian youth is considered in a multiple comparisons approach. Policentrismul Scolii Sociologice de la Bucuresti: Current practices of community development are supplemented Starting from the same data we use for this SociologyDezoltare Cultureand Current Sociology.

International Journal of Sociology, vol. Countries do not enter in transnational networks as containers but as spaces that are structured by their regional and cross-border field configurations.