Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons® Player’s Handbook . The Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook is published under the terms of the Open Game . The Open Game License The Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook is published under the terms of the Open Game License and the d20 System Trademark. The first book is to Dragonstar what the Player’s Handbook is to D&D: the Starfarer’s Handbook. This is the hardcover book that’s supposed to tell you all that you.

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Dragonstar The Starfarer’s Handbook D20 RPG by Fantasy Flight Games FFGDS01 | eBay

For most of those, you will probably have to wait for the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy. The following products were licensed for publication by Mystic Eye Games now defunct for the Dragonstar Campaign setting:. Suppressive fire is done in a standard cone as per the d20 system rules.

This article is about a game world. It’s important to remember that this is not a complete new game, but a new campaign world.

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  BGR 238-1 PDF


The Art work in the book is, personally, very good, the classes drawings are superb. As an extra bonus Of these houses, five are chromatic and five are metallic. Some skills are affected by other feats.

This works similar to existing magic items with one major exception: Dtarfarer scrolls still requires the same XP expenditure as in the basic d20 system, but the you do not need to buy the basic components.

The soul is transferred into a neural net in the new construct. Toping the list of new items are firearms. Tons and tons of little things like: Vehicles all have speed ratings in terms of squares per round. Soulmechs fill the human-like android think Data startarer and are very well done. However, magic can continues to exist and can do things that science cannot do, such as faster than light travel.

This led to a brutal nasty war that spanned the stars. Most of these are self explanatory and most require the technical proficiency feat. Some changes in the effects of magic in relation to the campaign setting are discussed such as fire in space, noxious clouds in relation to protective suits, and computer displays.

Characters from backwards worlds can receive it for free if they spend a full character level learning advanced technology. Similar Threads Starfarers Anyone have experience with it? The majority of the first chapter is with a narrative perspective.


The first two pages contain contents and credits, the last four pages contain an ad, the OGL and an index. The Empire is led by Mezzenbone, an evil red dragon. A laser rifle does 3d10 points of damage, and a blaster rifle does 4d This book allows you to incorporate handbopk own fantasy world into the Dragonstar universe or introduce high technology and space opera elements into your ongoing campaign.

Irradiate inflicts radiation damage on targets.

Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook by Fantasy Flight Games Staff (2001, Game)

Fortunately, nearly all of these are easy to work out or have already been errata-ed on the FFG web site. But I need starfzrer add some lines about the starship rules. Please select a support frequency. This article has multiple issues.