Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons (4e) – Draconomicon™ I: Chromatic The release schedule for D&D 4e was carefully laid out into. Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons () was the third of the monster splatbook for D&D 4e (), following Draconomicon: Chromatic. Draconomicon 2 has 55 ratings and 2 reviews. Kaitlynn said: I dig the added complexity of dragon morality and the plethora of new metallic dragons. None.

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At first glance, the silver dragon appears very similar to the White dragon. His interests metqllic gaming naturallyhistory, hiking, racquetball, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Though they have an extremely deadly breath weapon, they are more fragile than other dragons. Rachel rated it liked it Aug 29, Midnight blue dragons that could fire a breath weapon of pulsing, barely perceptible energy.

The silver dragon enjoys the company of humans and elves so much that it will often take the form of a human or elf and live among them for the majority of its life. The wings are longest at the shoulder, and taper gently as they reach the tail. As the dragon ages they become brighter, and at adulthood they take on a mirror finish. The copper dragon will know, however, and often uses its ‘back door’ to get into its lair instead of taking the time to navigate the maze.

Bert Janssens rated it really liked it Sep 30, Julia rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Duty-bound and honorable to a fault, bronze dragons commit themselves to order and are among the greatest and most devout champions of that ideal. Upon adulthood, however, they have a secondary attack of reflecting light at their opponent, changing it into a brilliant burst of dazzling brightness.


Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. If forced to fight, however, they are as deadly as any other dragon. The lair will also have a concealed back entrance for use in emergencies.

They exude a stony odor. As members of the family die, the silver dragon, grieved by the loss, often chooses to stay with the family, remaining a true and loyal friend and champion through many generations. For example, a steel dragon in the guise of a historian might claim to be exploring records in another city’s library.

Want to Read saving…. Adult copper dragons are quite social, mainly due to the desire metaolic play tricks upon each other. Gold dragons fdition killing, but they do not hesitate to do so if it is dragonz in order to defeat an evil foe.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In rare cases, this self-righteousness grows into something far more sinister, and the bronze dragon takes editoin what it sees as lesser races, ruling as a cruel tyrant to its subjects.

D&D 4th Edition Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons HC

editionn In fact, it is not unknown for a gold Great Wyrm to take the form of a scholarly professor in order to spread its knowledge at some human center of higher education. He is currently working on a new military-themed science fiction series centered on the character Sikander North; Valiant Dustthe first book in the new series, debuts in November from Tor Books. Rooms 4ht well-constructed and elegantly decorated with the many art treasures the gold dragon has collected over its lifetime.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gold dragons are the most powerful of the metallic dragons in some versions they are the strongest of all dragonsand the most dedicated to defeating evil. Steel dragons also prefer to dine in rdagons form, but since they need to eat much more than humans do to maintain their true body mass, they make monthly trips to hunt in dragon form.


A typical lair will also dtagons an elegant foyer, a gallery for the artwork draclnomicon dragon has collected, a sleeping chamber, and a storage room. Choosing to live in the Astral Sea amongst the gods and angels, these dragons nevertheless pursue agendas and plots that put them metalluc contact with creatures of the mortal world.

Both parents watch over the eggs and raise the wyrmling until it reaches adulthood, whereupon the parents separate. The position of leader, or ‘top dragon,’ does not so much involve the maintenance of order – gold dragons are famous for their good behavior – so much as the dispensing of advice and wisdom to any dragons who ask for it.

They are very whimsical and make and change decisions quite often.

As it matures, a brass dragon adds a love of fire to its love of speech. In rare cases, this feature may be a ring, tattoo, or other ornamentation. They are best summarized as the paladins of the draconic world. Their wings, like those of brass and copper dragons, connect to the body all the way to the tip of editipn tail.