Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) – Hundreds of versions in + different languages – the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had read the Catholic Public Domain Version ( CPDV) Bible. It is a new translation of the Latin Vulgate that was. From March of to March of , I worked nearly every day translating the Latin Vulgate Bible into modern English. When completed, I.

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The CPDV is online here http: The use of the Challoner version as a cldv text allowed the translation process to proceed at a faster pace than would otherwise be practical. I understand that the eternal moral law taught by the Church takes precedence over the rules and regulations of the Church. This is not the best way to organize a group of scholars working on a Cdv translation. Visit CG — Main Site. Thus, in translating the Hebrew Bibleevidence from Qumran manuscripts and ancient versions in GreekAramaic or Syriac is sometimes used to adjust the Masoretic Text.

Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV)

They are also more likely to be, in style, dull and ordinary, because anything unusual or outstanding tends to be reduced to mediocrity by the democratic process of these committees. The estimated time required for the entire translation process is about 5 years.

The paper in this bible is five times thicker than standard bible paper, and the large format allows for maximum journaling space. More than a few persons have shown appreciation for my translation, the Catholic Public Domain Version. The problem dpdv someone who translates “tenebrae” as “darknesses”, which is nonsense in English, either hasn’t really understood the Latin, or isn’t accomplished enough in English even if he is a vpdv speakeror at the very least has not understood the principles of translation.


If your translation is nonsense in the biible language, it’s not a translation. But if I were to hand the version over to someone else to proof-read or edit, their changes would also contain some errors. A group translation tends to be influenced c;dv whatever trends in thought, good or bad, are prevalent among the scholars of the day.

The Sacred Bible – Catholic Public Domain Version

However, I assure my readers that my edition here has all 73 books of the Catholic Bible. Most translations eventually fail, and fall out of usage, because the language moves on and the translation stays the same. He is bivle founder of the Technical Blog www.

This advantage assumes that the translators and editors are devout Christians who believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible. But a careful balance must be struck that puts the understanding of the Church entirely above the understanding of the translator.

Catholic Public Domain Version Bible (CPDV) – Catholic Gallery – Bible

The faithful need the Word of God more than they need food or water. Group translations can, at their best, incorporate the collective wisdom and insight of many scholars, including older scholars with a more traditional understanding of the text, and newer scholars who may offer a fresh approach. For example, 1 Thessalonians 4: Therefore, I personally have a rather negative view of the group translation process; but I understand that a group of holy scholars ought to be able to excel far beyond the abilities of any one translator or scholar.

Gallery This entry was posted in Scripture. A one person translation tends to be easier to accomplish for a fairly literal translation, than for a paraphrase translation. Creating art with the intention to enhance one’s own and perhaps other’s appreciation of the bible seems like a good thing to me, even if one isn’t particularly good at it from a technical point of view. According to the reviews of the translation on Amazon, some editions are incomplete.


Worse still, many of these omissions are based on the work of Protestant Biblical scholars, who have no regard for the teaching of the Magisterium on any subject.

One advantage of a public domain version is that the text can be continually updated and improved. And we prohibited him, for he does not follow with us. However, that document was never intended to cause the near total abandonment of the Latin Vulgate seen among Bible translators today.

In my own version, I cannot find the errors of translation that I know must be present. For these reasons, the Clementine Latin Vulgate version of the Bible makes an excellent source text for a new translation of the Bible into modern English. If anyone is interested in using the CPDV in any way, you do not need my permission.

Bishops have not shown a willingness to choose strict translations of the actual text, instead preferring loose translations, inclusive language, and the type of deliberate change in the text itself that you pointed out.

It is, itself, both a loose translation into Latin bbile Hebrew and Greek source texts, and a loose paraphrase of Latin source texts. Just like I think amateur singing and even Karaoke are good things – there is no “high art” without a solid base of amateur interest, and I for one would love illumination to return to bibles.

In many cases, it does the opposite, promoting bad translations, which the faithful assume are good because they are approved. Mass Readings from Catholic Gallery. I understand through prayer, grace, and providence, that it was the will of God for me to translate, edit, and publish this version of the Bible.