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Projector Optic device able to transfer lighting energy from a source to a projection plan. Class II electrical devices: Dispersion The white light that falls on the face of a prism, is dispersed and flows out from the opposite face with the spectral components separated. It has associated magnetic and electrical fields varying in time following a sine law. Luminous Flux the BIN defines the amount of luminous flux emitted.

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Its finish is usually black or aluminium. More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.

Secondary optics In an optical system, these are elements that are intercepted by light in the second place. Hybrid optic Optical system in which both mirrors and lenses are used. Lot viewing from Catalovo the catalogue in the location you want to see the product around your house or office.


Artemide Lighting India Pvt.

Cable max height Infrared remote control included. Lambert surface Ideal surface that reflects the energy coming from one direction equally in all direc- tions, and thus its luminance remains the same even if the viewpoint is different. Cable max height Logico nano track sospensione: Colourimetry Measurement of colours, based on a set of conventions.

IP International Protection or protection class IP is a code summing up the level of protection of an electrical appliance in case of accidental or intentional contact with a human body or with objects, and catapogo the protection against contact with water. Current catalgo by an electrical device that is kept at a constant level. Transformer Electrical device used to transform input and output artemde power parameters tension, current intensitymaintaining constant electrical power.

Cable artemidee height Logico mini sospensione 3 in linea: Mesopic vision Intermediate vision between photopic and scotopic vision. P Passive cooling System composed of one or more radiators making sure that a light source usually LED is working at an adequate temperature. Minimum illumination, uniformity, colour rendering of sources and UGR for various workplaces.

Artemide – Download

Enjoy the 3D Augmented Reality. Colour temperature It is the temperature of the black body producing a spectral emission with chromatic features similar to the source itself.

Light guide Transparent optical element transporting light by means of TIR effect, e. It is expressed by the colour temperature in Kelvin degrees of a specific colour while in proximity of the black body curve in the different cromatic diagrams.

Retroreflector Optical device designed to deflect the rays that fall on it towards the source of the light.


A DMX cable is made up of at least catlogo poles for the transmission of signals. Tolomeo sospensione 2 bracci p. Also, it can switch on and off and create scenaries with light fittings belonging to a same system. It is sensitive to 203 light, which is why it is often treated with paint that can filter the rays.

Artrmide each zone the thickness of the lens is limited, while the continuous curve is transformed into a series of surfaces of non-continuous with the same curvature. Cable max height.

Electrical conductors are located inside the track. The spectrum appears not coloured. Download the Artemide app Scan the QR code or visit the app store. With ribbed body, moulded lion head spout and ring handle, the shoulder with stamped palmettes. This system is based entirely on the shape and mass of the radiators. Xenon ware miniatrure olpe with geo[ Miniature kantharos, with female head on each sides, looped strap handles.


Filter Optic element that can totally or partially select the wave lengths of a light source spectrum. Colour the BIN defines a variable area of the chromaticity diagram. Lens Optical element producing convergence or divergence of light rays on itself, thanks to refraction.