Muslims defeated a Roman army at Yarmuk, in Syria, in The Battle of Yarmuk is now little remembered, but its outcome forever changed. The collapse of Byzantium’s military position in the near-east was sealed by the Battle of Yarmuk (also spelled Yarmouk) in AD Indeed, it is no exaggeration . The Battle of Yarmuk, fought in AD, was the turning point in Arab history that put a stop to any future Muslim attempt to expand into Europe. Fought between.

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One has to understand that the runup to this battle had seen 5 years of peace for the Byzantines during abttle preceding 26 years. Conquest of Roman Syria.

Bayu hartanto October 20, Decisive Rashidun Caliphate victory. Roman source for Roman army: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

At midday, after losing a number of commanders in the duels, Vahan ordered a limited attack with a third of his infantry forces to test the strength and strategy of the Muslim army and, using their overwhelming numerical and weaponry superiority, achieve a breakthrough wherever the Muslim battle line was weak. How did these commanders undertook such mass communication within their army units during the battle times?

This would have given them a huge advantage if true, and may explain why they won the battle in spite of being out-manned. Muslim and non-Muslim sources agree and disagree on various details. Keep Exploring Britannica Pearl Harbor attack.

All the cavalry regiments were yar,uk together into one powerful mounted force with the mobile guard acting as its core.


Best of luck for the!

Battle of Yarmuk, 636

Furthermore, when one considers that the Byzantine state was, for its time, a sophisticated a state based upon the collection of tax revenues, such loss of territory denuded the central exchequer of vast sums of revenue, the very revenue which paid for the furnishing of the Imperial Army and the Thematic Armies.

I have read from an ardent Muslim source that in this battle a Byzantine commander by the name of Gregorius Theodorus converted to Islam after requesting vattle meeting with Khalid.

Battlw Byzantines retreated west towards Wadi-ur-Ruqqad where there was a bridge at Ayn al Dhakar for safe crossing across the deep gorges of the ravines of Wadi-ur-Ruqqad. And I also think that putting that army atimmediately following its decades long and ruinous war with Persia is just too high.

This was a strong baftle position and these maneuvers pitted the Muslims and Byzantines into a decisive battle, one which the latter had tried to avoid.

Rashidun Caliphate General Khalid ibn al Walid with about 35, men, including 9, cavalry. The center of the army was under the command of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah left center and Shurahbil bin Hasana right center.

Battle of Yarmouk

At the center, the Byzantines did not press hard, intending to yyarmuk down the Muslim centre corps in their position and preventing them from aiding the Muslim army in other areas.

But Khalid deemed victory to be in reach and he declined the offer. Had Heraclius’ forces prevailed, the modern world would be so changed as to be unrecognizable. Vahan, noticing the battlle cavalry maneuver of the Muslims, ordered his cavalry to group together, but was not quick enough; before Vahan could organize his disparate heavy cavalry squadrons, Khalid had wheeled his cavalry back to attack the concentrating Byzantine cavalry squadrons, falling upon them from the front and the flank while they were still moving into formation.


Only Jerusalem and Caesarea held out, the former untilwhen it surrendered to the Muslims, and the latter until October…. The East vs West aspect of the battle also antagonizes the biases with numbers, but you were very balanced in your interpretation of what numbers would be most accurate. If you can, i would appreciate it if you made a similar animation for the battle of Qadissya.

Induring the Byzantine—Sasanian War of —Heraclius became the emperor of the Byzantine Empire, [10] after overthrowing Phocas.

Thank you again for your encouragement. West of Syria meant Egypt and Libya etc. I hope the muslim-haters stop making excuses and give the muslims their due respect.

Battle of Yarmouk – Wikipedia

Overall a nice presentation, too bad for some replies e. The remaining contingents, all European, were placed under Gregory and Dairjan. Dear Sir, May I firstly add my sincere thanks and congratulations on a most excellent piece of research and presentation, upon what was afterall, a pivotal moment in history. Having failed to defeat the Muslim armies in open battle, the Byzantine army withdrew to form a defensive line along the Taurus and Anti-Taurus mountain ranges.

Many fell on both sides.