Abstract. LAVERDE-SABOGAL, Carlos Eduardo; VALENCIA CARDENAS, Ana Ruth and VEGA SANDOVAL, Carlos Augusto. A rare cause of severe metabolic. Ayuno preoperatorio en niños sanos de 2, 4 y 6 horas. []., 37, 1, pp ISSN Preoperative fasting before anesthesia has been employed to avoid . El ayuno preoperatorio, o previo a la anestesia, se ha utilizado para evitar el riesgo de regurgitación y broncoaspiración de los contenidos gástricos, sin.

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Ther Clin Risk Manag ; 4 5: Conclusion The hospital does not have a protocol on preoperative fasting instruction and adopts the same preoperative fasting instruction for solid and liquids regardless the age, diagnosis, type of anesthesia and type of surgery, resulting in prolonged preoperative fasting periods for both solids and liquids. Services on Demand Article.

NPO Nulla per os is a Latin term which means nothing by mouth. Data were presented as median minimum – maximum because of the asymmetric distribution.

Clear liquids are designed fluids with fast gastric emptying time, such as, water, coffee, tea, juice without pulp and others. Then, all analyzes were made with non parametric tests.

Fasting; Ketoacidosis; Metabolic acidosis; Anion gap. All participants signed the Statement of Consent.

However, Mendelson observed a high risk group for aspiration: The association of preoperative glycemic control, intraoperative insulin sensitivity, and outcomes after cardiac surgery. Ann Surg ; 1: Introduction In the last two decades a number of studies have demonstrated that several perioperative care behaviors influence surgical postoperative recovery prwquirurgico. Preoperative fasting period was similarly prolonged to solids and liquids median Multimodal protocols to optimize perioperative care and to accelerate postoperative recovery include abbreviated pre-and postoperative fasting.


Many health professionals believe that instruction based on daily activities schedules is easily understood. The instruction to start fasting early resulted in longer preoperative fasting period than the instruction to start fasting late.

From personal health records we collected information about age, gender, diabetes diagnosis, American Society of Anesthesiology ASA Physical Status Classification System, type of surgery and anesthesia, and operative complications.

Ayuno preoperatorio en niños sanos de 2, 4 y 6 horas

Usually, patients are instructed about fasting by a phone call from admission. J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; 95 9: The enhanced recovery after surgery ERAS pathway for patients undergoing major elective open colorectal surgery: The present study showed long pre and postoperative fasting periods and we believe that these periods might be abbreviated by the implementation of a multimodal protocol of perioperative care.

We assessed preoperative fasting for solids and liquids, because they have different preoperative fasting recommendation. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs?

Una causa inusual de acidosis metabólica severa: ayuno prequirúrgico

Recovery after laparoscopic colonic surgery with epidural analgesia, and early oral nutrition and mobilisation. A carbohydrate- Rich drink reduces preoperative discomfort in elective surgery patients. Most patients were less than 60 years Those who aspirated liquid gastric contents developed pulmonary damage. These protocols prsquirurgico an evidence-based medicine approach to find elements from perioperative care that influence postoperative recovery.


If the liquids have nutrients, the caloric content and osmolarity influence gastric prequiirurgico. English pdf Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Instruction to prrquirurgico the last meal close to midnight would be more efficient to reduce fasting periods than instruction to eat or drink until midnight. There are different recommendation for liquids and solids. From Monday to Friday from 9 a. Postoperative fasting period was calculated from anesthesia end time recorded in personal health record to first solid or liquid intake time reported by patient. Rev Col Bras Cir ; 38 1.

Una causa inusual de acidosis metabolica severa: ayuno prequirurgico.

Clin Nutr ; 18 2: SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. The most frequent surgical procedures were hernioplasty Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol ; 20 3: Other frequent instructions were start fasting after 22 ayuuno and after dinner.

We found no other reports at the national level. A rare cause of severe metabolic acidosis: Long postoperative fasting periods are common after major gastrointestinal surgical procedures with anastomosis.

Clin Nutr ; 29 4: